Every case is a big case.

Especially when it’s your case. Whether the FBI targeted your company with a federal grand jury subpoena or you were arrested for possession of marijuana, an investigation or prosecution by the government is scary. Most people don’t know what to expect with an arrest or what to do when an officer or agent wants to talk. They don’t know what they can do or how the case will affect their personal and professional lives. At every stage of a criminal investigation and prosecution, there are opportunities to improve the final result. It takes a skilled lawyer to capitalize on them. You also want someone who has been there before, who is not afraid to present your case to the jury and tell your story. It is important for the government to know that there is risk in prosecuting you, and that they could lose. Barry Sorrels and Dan Hagood have earned their reputation in this profession by obtaining great results for their clients in the courtroom and outside of it. The attorneys of Sorrels Hagood always represent their clients with the end result in mind.

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Dan Hagood and Barry Sorrels are board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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