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Being charged with a crime is one of the most frightening events a person will endure. If it happens to you, you need a trial lawyer. It doesn’t matter whether the case is health care fraud, a tax fraud, assault, or driving while intoxicated. Now that criminal charges and your personal freedom are at issue, you need someone who can take your case all the way to trial and tell your story to the jury. We are trial lawyers first.   Sorrels Hagood are a group of independent attorneys who share resources, but we are not a law firm or partnership. Proficient in state and federal court, we are prepared to handle your case with skill and care. We have tried the tough cases, and we have earned our reputation as litigators. The best trial lawyers get the best results; sometimes at trial, and sometimes before trial. Please contact one of the attorneys at Sorrels Hagood individually to learn more about how he or she can help you through this difficult time.

We understand that every case is different and every client is different, and we offer individualized representation to each client. Sometimes, a case is novel because the type of crime being prosecuted is uncommon. Those cases require meticulous attention, so that an uncommon opportunity is not overlooked. You may also have unique needs or circumstances because of your profession, reputation, or other condition. Whatever issue might make your case special or important to you, we will provide innovative and personalized representation. We want the best result for you. If we have to go to trial to get it, we will be prepared to do that. Of course, we also understand that the risk of trial, particularly in a criminal case, is immense. Most people want a great result without going to trial, and we always look for that solution first in every case.

Practice Areas

At Sorrels Hagood, we represent clients against any and all criminal allegations in state or federal court. Our clients include individuals and companies who are under federal investigation or who have been served with a grand jury subpoena for testimony or documents.  Our recent federal experience includes healthcare fraud, violations of the anti-kickback statute, securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, bribery, corruption, conspiracy, and drug offenses. In state court, we represent clients charged with assault offenses, drug offenses, intoxication offenses, sexual offenses, DWI, and theft. Of course, this is not an exclusive list. We are experienced in representing individuals and companies against any accusation of a criminal nature under the laws of the United States or the State of Texas

Though we office in Dallas, Texas, we frequently work in nearby counties including Collin County, Tarrant County, Denton County, and Ellis County, and we travel throughout the state and nation for federal cases.

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